About us


Our farm "Haukagil" is located in the beautiful valley Vatnsdalur, about 40km south of Blönduós in northwest Iceland. We live with 450 sheep and 70 horses, surrounded by majestic mountains, right by the salmon-rich Vatnsdalsá river.




According to the Vatnsdals-legend, the farm got its name from a rather bloodthirsty event.


In the gorge above the farm, two berserkers both named Haukur were caught and executed after their raid through the valley. Since then the farm has been called "Haukagil" - "Haukurs Gorge", you can read about this story in the book "Vatnsdals Saga".





The beautiful landscape in the valley, around our farm and on our highland mountain is not only a paradise for amateur photographers, but also invites you to take long, relaxing walks, where you can let the endless expanse and absolute silence work their magic on you.