When purchasing a young horse or foal from us, we offer the option of leaving the horse with us for further upbringing. Until the time of export, we take care of all the horse's concerns, additional hay feeding over the winter, salt and mineral supply, regular deworming and hoof care as required.


The rearing is possible for both geldings and mares in our big herd of mixed ages and sexes, as well as stallions in our stallion group.




In order to preserve the character and naturalness of this special breed, our horses grow up in absolute freedom on our extensive local mountain, with a direct connection to the highlands. The herd lives outside all year round, undisturbed by humans, and thus develops distinctive, natural instincts and behavioral patters.



The original nature and the innate temperament are preserved and the uneven terrain and the steep mountain slopes promote good balance, surefootedness and good physical development.



Our stallion group is located on an 8-hectare pasture in the valley, which also offers very different, varied terrain with stony slopes, grassy hilly pastureland and a small swamp area. The stallions have access to a natural stream and are of course regularly treated with deworming medicine and supplements of salt and minerals.


(Stallion rearing is unfortunately currently not available for winter 2023/2024!)