Breeding- and training goal


Like most Icelandic farms, our farm "Haukagil" is primarily focused on sheep farming. But due to our passion for horses, we have a small breeding herd, with which we have around 8-14 foals every year.




Since we have our breeding merely as a hobby and are rather leasure riders ourselves, we put great emphasis on a well-balanced character as well as easy-to-ride, comfortable gaits. We don't breed competition cracks or "front-movers", but friendly leisure and family horses that we personally train, individually and with a lot of time, patience and dedication.



Our horses are casually accustomed to contact with humans as a yearling and are not taken into the stable again until they are at least four years old, when they are gently prepared for further training. According to their development, they learn the "young horses ABC" and are trained up to carrying the weight of the rider and understanding simple aids. After that they are released again for another winter on our highland mountain, before serious training under the saddle starts at the age of five. This gives our horses enough time to unfold their bodies and minds fully.