Sheep breeding


Like most Icelandic farms, our farm is primarily focused on sheep farming.


We have around 450 ewes, who give birth to more than 700 lambs every year, as well as 20 rams. The rams are eather bought from well-known breeding farms around Iceland or are from our insemination program, where we artificially inseminate selected ewes with highly evaluated breeding rams from a governmental breeding program.




The lambs are born in the barn from early May to mid-June. They spend the first weeks of their life in our fields around the farm and are then released together with their mothers into the Icelandic highlands in July.



In September, the sheep and lambs are herded back together by the farmers in a multy-day ride through the highlands and brought down into the valley. At the so-called "Réttir", each farm sorts out its own animals - a big event where the whole family and many guests come together.



In March 2012 we renovated our sheepstable. Instead of the typical feeding aisles, we now have "Gjafargrindir", a frame that enables us to provide the sheep with fine hay 24 hours a day. This corresponds to the natural habits of food intake and protects the sensitive stomachs of these otherwise robust animals.