Þokki frá Haukagili


Since the summer of 2015, in addition to highly evaluated elite stallions and promising young stallions from other farms, we have also been using our own stallion Þokki frá Haukagili.

His pedigree speaks for itself and in combination with his fantastic, confident character, sturdy conformation, loose tölt and always clear-beated basic gaits, Þokki complies one hundred percent to our breeding goal. As the icing on the cake, he also has a beautiful buckskin colour and passes on the cream gene to his offspring with a possibility of 50%.


Þokki was in training with a renowned rider over the winter of 2019/2020 and showed himself under the saddle with clear-beated, easy-to-ride gaits, high and wide frontleg movement in combination with active hindlegs and a very well leaped canter. Pace is definately in his genes, but hasn't been practised yet and won't be Þokki's strongest gait either.


Þokki's father Þórálfur frá Prestsbæ was Fizo evaluated in 2017 with a score of 8,94 which made him the highest evaluated Icelandic horse at that time. He unfortunately passed away due to an injury.


We are delighted by all of Þokki's foals so far! His offspring are consistently open-minded and curious, have inherited his sturdy conformation and have nice, relaxed gaits with a lot of tölt.

Our expectations of these pairings have been totally fullfilled!



IS2013156174 Þokki frá Haukagili

stallion, born 2013, buckskin (EeAaCrcr)


F: Þórálfur frá Prestsbæ (Fizo first prize 8,94)

FF: Álfur frá Selfossi (Fizo first prize 8,46 and Honorary prize for offspring, winner of Sleipnir cup 2012)

FM: Þoka frá Hólum (Fizo first prize 8,64 and Honorary prize for offspring, winner of Gletta cup 2012)


M: Kogga frá Haukagili

MF: Roði frá Múla (Fizo first prize 8,07 fourgaited, First prize for offspring)

MM: Kolka frá Þverá (F: Náttfari frá Ytra-Dalsgerði, Fizo first prize 8,54 and Honorary prize for offspring)