Kveikur frá Byrgisskarði



In February 2023 we bought the young stallion Kveikur frá Byrgisskarði, to enhance our breeding and to have a stallion suitable for the mares that are related to our other stallion Þokki frá Haukagili.


Kveikur is a son of the highly evaluated Knár frá Ytra-Vallholti (8,47), who also received first prize for offspring on Landsmót 2022, and the first prize mare Klukka frá Þóroddsstöðum, who has already given four evaluated offsprings, two of those in first prize.

Kveikur is very tall, around 1,48m, with high withers, a well-raised neck and a good topline, strong legs and lots of mane. He has a curious, friendly character and was easy and fast-learning during his training under the saddle.

We are looking forward to his first foals in 2024.


 IS2019157935 Kveikur frá Byrgisskarði

stallion, born 2019, bay dun (E?AaDd)


F: Knár frá Ytra-Vallholti (FIZO first prize 8,47 and First prize for offspring)

FF: Sær frá Bakkakoti (FIZO first prize 8,62 and Honorary prize for offspring)

FM: Gletta frá Ytra-Vallholti (FIZO first prize 8,49 and Honorary prize for offspring)


M: Klukka frá Þóróddsstöðum (FIZO first prize 8,01)

MF: Þorri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum (FIZO first prize 8,26 and Honorary prize for offspring)

MM: Ásleug frá Laugarvatni (FIZO evaluated 7,61)