Hrannar frá Haukagili

Stallion, 05/2023, Buckskin with star and snip


F: Þokki frá Haukagili M: Hrund frá Höskuldsstöðum
FF: Þórálfur frá Prestsbæ (8,94)

MF: Prins frá Höskuldsstöðum                    

FM: Kogga frá Haukagili

MM: Stjarna frá Höskuldsstöðum

Elegant colt with a beautiful color and very good gaits for sale!

Hrannar shows beautiful gaits with high leg action and an elegant but strong conformation, with a very good, raised neck and skewed shoulders. In addition, he presents himself in a beautiful color, he has inherited the cream gene from his father and the face markings from his mother.

His father Þokki is a son of Þórálfur frá Prestsbæ (World Championship participant and with 8.94 one of the highest judged Icelandic horses in the world) and Þokki goes back to various offspring price winners on both the father's and the mother's side.
Þokki shows well separated gaits under rider with easy to ride tölt and very good basic gaits. He has wide movement in all gaits and a very good canter for a five gaiter.

Hrannar's dam Hrund frá Höskuldsstöðum is the best proof that you don't always have to have high marks and ranks in your pedigree to have great offspring. Her eldest 4 offspring are already under the saddle and are all intrepid, relaxed leisure horses with a medium temperament that bring great joy to their owners.

Hrannar can be exported after weaning in January 2024, or stay with us for further rearing as a gelding.

Price category: B