Blesi frá Haukagili


Gelding, born 2021, chestnut with blaze, Fivegaiter

F: Fönix frá Syðra-Kolugili (7,61) M: Stjarna frá Haukagili
FF: Konsert frá Hofi (8,72 + Honorary prize for offspring)

MF: Toppur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (8,49 + Honorary prize for offspring)

FM: Kría frá Syðra-Kolugili (8,06)

MM: Kogga frá Haukagili


Young, extremely promising gelding with top pedigree, great gaits and friendly, attentive character for sale.



Already as a foal Blesi showed very good four-beated tölt with a beautiful posture and good movement. Currently he prefers light-footed, energetic trot. Pace should be genetically present, but will probably not be his strongest gait.

Whether in the paddock or on the spacious highland mountain, Blesi always comes towards us to greet us and is happy to get some attention without being intrusive.

We expect medium, good temperament and sufficient willingness from him later under the saddle and we could certainly see his future on the competition track.


His sire is the young stallion after Konsert frá Hofi, Fönix frá Syðra-Kolugili, who impressed us with a harmonious, large-framed conformation, good neck and a lot of movement in all gaits.


Blesi's mother, Stjarna, is one of our youngest broodmares, in whom we put many expectations and hopes. She is a daughter of the first prize stallion Toppur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu, who excels with top performances on the competition track in both Iceland and Sweden (for example swedish champion in T1), and our foundation mare Kogga frá Haukagili who had a strong influence on our breeding.


Blesi can stay with us for further upbringing, or be exported at any time. He is halter trained, but otherwise untouched according to his age.





Price category: C