Djásn frá Haukagili

Mare, born 06/2018, dark chestnut

F: Gyllir frá Steinsholti 1 (breeding survey 8,12  Fizo Conf: 7,98) M: Elja frá Haukagili
FF: Eldur frá Torfunesi (8,60 + Honorary prize for offspring)

MV: Bliki frá Bakka                                   

FM: Gloppa frá Hafsteinsstöðum (8,45)

MM: Kolka frá Þverá


Beautiful dark chestnut mare with good pedigree for sale.


Djásn shows four well-separated gaits with nice movement and very good hindleg action.


She has the perfect potential to become a versitale and fun riding horse and would be an asset for ever breeding farm that specialises in sturdy, expressive tölters.


Her father Gyllir frá Steinsholti 1 was the champion in first place at the young stallions breeding assessment in Kaufungen/Germany in 2018, where he scored for conformation 8.10, interior 8.20 and gaits 8.10 = overall 8.12 and the judge's verdict: "Young stallion who loves to move, is very upright with loose, high movements and clearly fivegaited with a harmonious conformation."

Gyllir's father Eldur frá Torfunesi received the Honorary prize for offspring on Landsmót 2022.


Djásn's mother Elja goes back to the renowned breeding farm Bakka. Her father Bliki frá Bakka, a half-brother to world champion Baldur frá Bakka, is after the well-known Logi frá Skarði (8.40) and Honorary prize winner Sandra frá Bakka (8.08). On the maternal side, Elja also goes back to Náttfari frá Ytra-Dalsgerði and has a lot of Kolkuós blood.

All of Eljas older offspring have already been trained under the saddle and make their owners very happy.


Djásn is with our buckskin stallion Þokki frá Haukagili right now. The expected foal is included in the purchase.


Djásn is halter trained, but otherwise untouched and could be exportet at any time or stay with us for further rearing.


Price category: C