Mósi frá Haukagili

 stallion, born 05/2023, blue dun (could be carrying Splash-White and/or creme)


F: Bláskjár frá Byrgisskarði M: Rán frá Haukagili
FF: Ölnir frá Akranesi (8,82 + first prize for offspring)

MF: Þokki frá Haukagili

FM: Blika frá Garði (8,03)

MM: Sókn frá Skarð                                                   


Mósi is a very cute one-year-old stallion with a gorgeous charisma and presence. He is very playful and funny, loves to interact with other foals and with the grown-up horses and is curious and courageous.


He has shown trot and tölt with good leg action and always clean beat. He is a fivegaiter with a strong fivegaited pedigree but we have not seen him in pace yet.

We expect him to become a great leisure riding horse with potential for smaller competitions.

Mósi might carry the creme-gene from his mother and/or the Splash-White-gene from his father but he was not DNA-tested.


His father Bláskjár frá Byrgisskarði is a young son of the amazing Ölnir frá Akranesi, who received 9,01 for ridden abbilities and has honorary prize for offspring. From his father, Bláskjár inherited very high leg action, a lightly-built conformation and the Splash-white-gene. According to his owner Bláskjár will be shown Fizo in the near future.


Mósi's mother Rán frá Haukagili is after our Þokki frá Haukagili, a son of Þórálfur frá Prestsbæ (once the highest evaluated icelandic horse in the world with 8,94 total) who has given us many great riding and breeding horses so far. All of his offspring are exceptionally friendly and trustfully, have strong conformation with very good joints and show lots of tölt.

On her mothers side Rán is a descendent of the great Ófeigur frá Flugumýri of whom Mósi has inherited many of the typical Ófeigur-characteristics.


Price category: B