Tandri frá Haukagili


stallion, born 06/2023, red pinto, fivegaiter


F: Hafsteinn frá Vakurstöðum (8,70 + Lansmót-winner) M: Trú frá Haukagili
FF: Álfasteinn frá Selfossi (8,54 + honorary prize for offspring)

MF: Gári frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (8,63 + honorary prize for offspring)

FM: Hending frá Hvolsvelli (7,97)

MM: Kogga frá Haukagili


Stallion prospect with very high potential for breeding and competition for sale.


Tandri shows tölt and trot with high leg action and clean beat. He has an elegant conformation with a high raised neck and skewed shoulders, long legs and will probably get a lot of mane like his siblings.


His father is the amazing Hafsteinn frá Vakurstöðum, who not only got 8,70 in his Fizo evaluation (with 9,0 for tölt, pace, spirit,head, proportions and legs), but was also Landsmót-champion in fivegait 2018, as well as Icelandic-champion and Reykjavík-champion the same year. He had a total score of 9,09 in A-Flokkur competition, with marks up to 9,5 for tölt!


His mother Trú frá Haukagili has already given us 4 offspring, which all have a very beautiful conformation with lots of mane and all show a very good gait distribution with high leg action.

Her father, honorary prize stallion Gári frá Auðsholtshjáleigu, has still one of the highest Blup for conformation. When he received his price for offspring the average Blup for conformation was 142! So it is fair to say that Tandri will be stunningly beautilful.



Price category: D